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The Park Avenue Collection is the best choice for apartment owners and maintenance companies

Bulk discount for commercial contracts !

All Vanities available to match Kitchen Cabinet Styles for standard size cabinets.

Park Ave Collection is the best choice for apartment owners and maintenance companies

Bulk discount for commercial contracts !

There are 100's of showrooms in the area to visit.

Reico is one of the largest showrooms in the King of Prussia area!

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We work with local master cabinet craftsman. They will make custom hand made cabinets. 4-8 week Minium

Pro Gc recommends installing real wood cabinets and granite counter tops for resale value of your home.

The Possibilities are endless with cabinets to full custom local hand made cabinets.

Quality Craftsmanship

Superior Finish & Quality Control

IPC selects only the finest wood species available. Each piece of lumber is hand selected to meet our quality standards prior to manufacturing.

All products move through our state-of-the-art temperature and humidity controlled facility, where all surfaces are sanded smooth. This ensures the utmost control throughout the finishing process.

The moisture level of the lumber is examined to meet all proper quality standards.

Once each cabinet component is created, it is re-measured to ensure it is the correct size and the profile detail is inspected.

The sanding process starts with 100 grit sandpaper and finishes with 200 grit sandpaper allowing for maximum stain penetration.

While sanding, all surfaces are vacuumed for the complete removal of small dust, debris and fiber particles.

Toner stain is applied to all critical areas (i.e. door edges, face frame edges and “dog legs”) assuring a uniform finish.

A deep penetrating Akzo Nobel Stain is then hand applied to complete the uniform controlled application of color.

Completing the stain process requires products to slowly pass through a flash tunnel allowing for the deepest, richest, and most uniform color integrity.

A stained component is then moved through a numerically controlled and specially designed oven, curing the stains for optimum conditions prior to accepting the sealer.

When applicable, the wiping stain (glaze) is hand applied to each cabinet component and then inspected for quality.

A Dual Cure UV sealer is hand applied to all open grained wood surfaces providing the initial step in maximum protection.

The sealed product is placed in specially designed, high temperature ovens for a complete and thorough cure time and process.

Once cured, all products are then allowed to cool to provide proper surface temperature.

All products are passed through our Max Cure Oven Tunnel as the final step of the sealing and curing process.

All edges and “critical areas” are hand sanded prior to the commercial sanding process.

Upon inspection, all components are passed through a flat, in-line sanding operation.

The product is then passed through a buffing operation.

When done with the sanding and buffing stages, all products pass through our in-line vacuums which remove all dust and debris for precautionary measures prior to top coating the cabinet components.

A final sanding inspection is conducted for maximum smoothness, to ensure that the stain can be applied properly.

All cabinet components are hand stained with Akzo Nobel Top Coat, in our state-of-the-art controlled spray booth.

Once the top coat is applied, the components are placed in specially designed, high temperature ovens for complete and thorough cure time. They then pass through a UV lamp which fully cures the Akzo Nobel top coat for lifetime protection.

A re-inspection is conducted to ensure that the proper moisture level is present after the staining process.

All products are moved to our inspection station where highly trained experts examine the product with the official Akzo Nobel color guide.

The final inspection of the finishing process is conducted in our specially designed cabinet light room, where all cabinets are thoroughly re-inspected, assuring our customers the highest quality finish possible.

KCMA Certified

The Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association Certification Program assures the specifier or user of kitchen cabinets and bath vanities that the cabinet bearing the blue and white seal complies with the rigorous standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and sponsored by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA).

Further, the cabinet is an exact duplicate of samples that have been independently tested for conformance to ANSI/KCMA A161.1-2000. To find out more about KCMA Certification, visit their website at To further ensure or cabinets will stand the test of time we have put our cabinets through 13 rigorous KCMA tests and passed them all.

1. Shelves and bottoms are loaded at 15 pounds per square foot to ensure no excessive deflection or joint failure on the cabinet or mounting system.

2. Installed wall cabinets are loaded with 500 pounds to ensure that the cabinet will accept net loading in compliance with ANSI A161.1-1995 requirements.

3. A load of up to 250 pounds is applied against the inside of cabinet fronts to ensure reliable front joints.

4. A 3 pound steel ball is "drop tested" against shelves, cabinet bottoms and drawer bodies to ensure cabinets will withstand dropping of cans and other items.

5. Cabinets are impact tested by striking the center of a closed and open door with a 10 pound sand bag.

6. Cabinet doors are weighted with 65 pounds and operated 10 times to test the ability of door and hinges to withstand loading.

7. Doors are opened and closed for 25,000 cycles to ensure durability under the stress of normal usage.

8. Drawers and drawer mechanisms are tested at 15 pounds per square foot and operated through 25,000 opening and closing cycles to assure durability.

9. A 3 pound weight is dropped 10 times against the drawer assembly to ensure that the drawer front assembly will withstand the impact of closing.

10. Cabinets are cycle tested at temperatures ranging from -5° F to +120° F to ensure finish will withstand temperature changes.

11. Cabinets are hot box tested at temperatures up 120° F to ensure finish will withstand high heat.

12. Finish is exposed to vinegar, grape juice, olive oil, lemon juice, 100 proof alcohol and more to ensure no appreciable discoloration, stain or whitening of the finish occurs.

13. A 24-hour soap and water solution test checks the finish's ability to withstand exposure to detergents and moisture.

Your storage solutions are as unlimited as your dreams!

Visit each Manufacture as they all have 100's of storage solutions.

Our Craftsmanship Is above all the rest!

Pro Gc Pays attention to the smallest of details!


Pro Gc prides itself on all installations. We believe in the philosophy. " Do it Right the First Time!"

Cabinets will vary in installations.

Installations :

Cabinets are delivered directly to job site from manufacture.

  • We set up protective covering throughout your house. We set up plastic containments and exhaust fans for major remodels.  We remove your old cabinets and dispose.
  • Your floors must be leveled properly. Floor levelers are simple solution for concrete and wood floors up to 1" inch out of level. Any more than a 1" out of level there are more serious issues that need to be fixed first.
  • Once floor is level, we install floor first prior to cabinet installations.  See Tile page for installations. Heated floors are installed prior to tile or flooring.
  • All electric and plumbing roughed in to code. If your electric is out of code we must upgrade. Note: if you are in a home that shares a party wall, we must fire insulate wall with rotten cotton and 5/8" fire rock.
  • Cabinets are then measured for studs to determine where to drill cabinets, then pre drill pilot holes for screws. We use only cabinet screws.
  • Wall cabinets are installed first by anchoring all screws into studs. We clamp each cabinet together and screw or carabineer the cabinet sides together properly.
  • Base cabinets are then installed same fashion except Pro GC always also anchors 3 screws to base cabinets.
  • All trim pieces are installed. Crown moldings and cabinet moldings are predrilled because they are hardwood.
  • Holes for moldings are filled with matching putty and/or touch up kits.
  • Granite companies install counter tops. We install laminate counter tops properly.
  • Backsplash is installed according to tile installations.
  • Arrangements to install your appliances can be arranged.
  • Your kitchen is wiped down when the installation is complete.

Please visit the manufacture below to view the many Fixtures,Toilets, Sinks, and Tubs choices available.

Please consider the finish of your fixture when you determine budgets.

Pro Gc, LLC Prefers you purchase any plumbing from a supply house like US SUPPLY. We find we get the professional fixtures verses the home owner style which typically has more plastic parts.

Pro Gc LLC, Takes no responsibility in material purchased from any of the large chain home improvement warehouses.