Pro Gc LLC, partners with the largest manufactures of windows

8500 Silverline series window is the most cost efficient replacement window! For example 7/8" Glass, Welded Sash and the many other additional features compared to your low end windows. (See window details below)

This is just one example of the 100's of choices available to you. Please visit the suppliers below to get detailed list of windows.

We don’t bait and switch. Beware of the ads like $189.00 window installed from the cheap window installers. This is the worst window on the market, a non welded sash, and your price will change when they come to install.
Typical 8500 series double hung window is $200 our cost. Plus $125 install. Add $50 for vinyl capping. Total installed $375.00.

Pro Gc LLC, installs windows unlike any other company.

First we set up tarps inside window. We do not remove your molding unless window is being re sized to larger or smaller opening.
We do not use foam insulation on window installations. We remove the manufacture foam strip and then wrap window with insulation. Insulation allows an air gap and proper air flow and insulation. Many windows will be cold at the molding because of over insulation.
Capping is additional but typical installation. We install the capping prior which allows for almost no finish nails in capping.
Caulking is very important. We clean area with denatured alcohol. Any cement always requires a Butyl caulk. High end caulk is for non cement areas like siding.
In order to accurately measure your replacement window first measure for the width. Open your window and remove your screen, measure from the inside jamb to inside jamb. Do this each at the bottom, middle, and at the top. If there is a discrepancy, use the narrowest distance. Take the number and subtract ¼” that would be your width. Next measure the height of your window. Measure from the inside head of the window to the highest point on your sill (if sloped) take that number and subtract ¼”. This will give you your height.
For new construction windows, measure your width from the inside of the trimmer stud to the opposite inside trimmer stud. To determine your window height, measure from the bottom of the header to the top of the sill plate.
After looking through our vendor partners’ window selection, please follow the link below and complete the window quote form in order to receive a quick accurate quote.
Windows take 1-3 weeks to order. Commercial windows take 4 weeks. Some standard size windows are in stock.
Payments for windows are made directly to supplier.