All Manufacture requirements and guidelines will be followed for warranties.

Typical Installations. Wellcraft 1. Typical Installation Two.

First we setup Zipwall containment inside well area.

Set up a 4,000 Cfm Maxforce 9 air mover fan to vent dust and vapors.

We dig with mini excavator to below the installed bottom height. Install 6" of stone. Should your exterior tile drain be installed correctly we will tie into french drain on exterior of foundation.

Then we cut concrete foundation with Cut & Break saw. Keeping dirt dust and water to exterior.

Once window frame is cut out we frame interior opening with pressure treated 2x6. We then install window to frame use butyl caulk to seal window.

We then anchor well to foundation using Hilti Concrete adhesive with stainless steel threaded rod. Sealing flange with Butyl Caulk not silicone.

If you chose to have well cover we install well cover.

Once complete we then back fill well with gravel. Repair and seed any lawn damage.