Pro Gc llc, Services Residential, Commercial and Light Industrial.

We Look forward to additional service contracts for your stores.

Need Ballast Repair ! We convert your old dual ballast T12 Systems to the legal single Ballast T8 Systems. This will bring you up to code and cost your company less money in long run.

Have a hard time replacing your fluorescent bulbs because they arc out or get installed inncorectly? Convert your lamp holders to High Output lamp holders. This will allow you to simply push and pull bulbs out!

We currently service the 12 local Leslie Pool branches in the area!

New Electric code will effect many of your current electric.

* One major change all outlets must be child proof outlets.

We have all electric certified professionally from the electrical underwriters which is code for Certificate of Occupancy and any new electric.

Some of the many electrical service available but not limited.

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