Most cost efficient system.

Our most versatile design, the 5600 Modular Egress Window Well offers many custom possibilities. With this egress unit, you’re not limited to a set height. Make your well as short or as high as you need. A typical installation uses four sections and is made easy with simple, snap-together construction. The 5600 is designed for windows up to 4-foot wide. Each section weighs only 24 pounds and is efficient to transport and install. Available in Grey.

Width: 61" (at widest point of wall attachment)

Height, up to 5 sections:
1 section, 20-7/8"
2 sections, 34-7/8"
3 sections, 48-7/8"
4 sections, 62-7/8"
5 sections, 76-7/8"

Depth: 37.5" (from exterior wall to stepladder)

Square Footage: 12.49 Sq. Ft.